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Re: digital negative possibilities for gum

Hi Charles,

The bitmap negative is one of those binary types of negatives... it is either printing with full tone or no tone—the closer the printed dots are together, the more tone.  This is why the negative appears to be more dense—because there is no continuous tone in it.  It would be like an imagesetter negatives.  Printing with dots is fairly foolproof, though not what I would want for PT/PD.  However with full color gum, you have at least 3 printings to get a "dither" of the three colors, which will hide the dots somewhat.

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Mark Nelson

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In a message dated 10/19/06 1:08:16 PM, cryberg@comcast.net writes:

This is getting interesting.  I do not (yet) do gum but it sure looks as if
the bitmap negative has the same amount of detail that the regular ink-jet
one has but that it is much more dense.  Wouldn't extra exposure give a
print much like the regular one?
Charles    Portland  OR