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I have "not-yet" found another truly suitable substrate. I've printed on a product from the
PhotoWarehouse company in Oxnard, CA and it was not nearly as nice/ good as the Pictorico.
However, you CAN print on architectural tracing paper. Yes, light goes through and it does
have somewhat of a texture embedded in its core but you might try it for your large ideas for
prints. It will crinkle easily as well so you must handle it carefully. I've also tried paraffin ironed
on it which makes it a tiny bit more translucent.

The other thing to do is have type-setting facility print you a large 4000 dpi negative. Since
I live in a larger metropolitan area and Silicon Valley is near, there are a number of places that
will create a large, 32"x40" negative for about $40. That price was a while ago and may either
be lower of higher today.

If you look @ Dan Burkholder's site, he has good info on these types of negs.

Jack Fulton

On October2006, at 8:28 AM, Weber, Scott wrote:

Looking to make some large prints. Both cyanotypes and van dykes. So far I
have used Pictorico 8.5 x 11. Any suggestions for larger digital negative
substrates? I will be using an Epson 10000 printer. I would like to make
16x20 or 18x24.


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