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Re: digital negative possibilities for gum

Hi  Judy,

I thought at the time when I  wrote the word "natural", that someone might ask what the hell I meant by "natural".... and, as one who has often been accused of being unnatural... but we won't go into that...

Anyway, what I meant was that other methods of adding grain seem to add it deep  into the shadows, so your blacks aren't solid black, they are speckled... which looks crappy to me.  uhm...by "crappy" I mean ....uh

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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In a message dated 10/22/06 9:21:27 PM, jseigel@panix.com writes:

Mark, would you please explain what you mean by "it looks more natural to
me"?   "Natural" like what? Like color film?  Like "reality"? Like .....?

I'm not sure that any of this is "natural" -- unless some of it is less
unnatural than something else?  It seemed to me that some aesthetic
judgements and/or information might reside in that "natural" and I'm
hoping you'll share.