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Hi Bill,

The older product is called Premium OHP Transparency Film and the new film is called ULTRA Premium OHP Transparency Film.

The ULTRA measures an additional log .04 transmission density (base + fog), giving it a total of log .15 or 1/2 a stop.  The film cures VERY fast.  A negative printed with an R2400 cures in less than 10 minutes.  A negative GAINS density as it dries with this film.  The negative is more scratch resistant.  The film will hold a LOT more ink without puddling and with little dot gain or loss of detail.  You can crank up  Ink Configuration to +50, on the R2400 where with the older film, you could only go +15.  Even with heavier ink loads, it cures fast.

It also holds up surprisingly well when you place the negative in a skillet filled with  boiling water.

warm tap water will not cause it to run.

The biggest advantages are how well it holds more ink if you need more density and your  printer has an ink  density or Ink configuration setting....and how quckly it cures and thus stabilizes in density and is ready for  printing.

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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Mark –

How is the new Pictorico different from the old?  Is there any difference in
transmission density?


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