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Carbon Workshop in Turkey

I just returned from a two week trip to Istanbul where, among other things, I taught a three-day workshop on carbon printing. There were some twelve or so participants in the workshop, which stretched the limits of the locale, but the participants were highly motivated and worked very hard. Thanks to the use of digital negatives all of the participants managed to make at least one good carbon print.

I also visited the exhibitions there of my own work and that of other photographers, including that of our own Keith G. I was really amazed at the scope of the Bienal and was very impressed with the ability of IFSAK to pull off such a comprehensive event.

While there I had a chance to venture outside of Istanbul for some photographic work. One of the highlights was a visit to a 6th century Orthodox monastery literally carved out of a rock hill. Hard to imagine how much work that involved. Also on the itinerary was a visit to a Black Sea fishing village and a short stay in Edirne, which included lodging in a converted Karavansaray, used in former times for overnight protection of traveling merchants.

Thanks to Loris Medici and other members of IFSAK for making this such a pleasant and enriching experience for me.

Sandy King