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Re: OT, Photoshop text for beginers recomendatin


I recommend Adobe Photoshope CS2 for Photographers by Martin Evening (ISBN
0-240-51984-1)...if you have CS2, of course.  It's what the intro to
digital class here uses, and it's a really great resource.

I also recommend looking into the Photoshop Workbench podcast (via
iTunes).  It's great for beginning and advanced Photoshop users alike.

Camden Hardy


On Wed, October 25, 2006 10:09 am, prep@prep.synonet.com wrote:
> Can anyone recomend a good book for introductory Photoshop
> work? This is for a beginners unit at 1st year uni level,
> but it is only part of a single semester unit.
> tnx
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