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Re: How many gum layers (Re: ferri sesquichlorati)

Hi Keith, 

But then you always  were a maverick and enjoy being so! hehehehehe

So, what has you curious about this curve thingy?

By the way, I just bought one of those new high pressure powerwashers, and I am hoping it is strong enough to use with PT/PD, so I can stop worrying about curves... in fact I think I can just coat the  paper and expose it without ANY negative and just power spray away the PT/PD until I get an image hehehehe

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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In a message dated 10/25/06 9:29:33 AM, Keith@GumPhoto.com writes:

Well, Mark, that is exactly my approach and it does seem to work.  However, having been challenged by recent workshop participants as to why NOT use a curve of some kind I admit that I have been fiddling around with curves lately and have found that the curve that works best for me is a straight line, i.e., no curve at all.  So I'm curious.  Are there list members out there that DO use curves for gum printing?  Might one of them be persuaded to share their curve with me so that I can try it?  I'll figure out some way to repay a kind soul for this generosity.