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Re: How many gum layers (Re: ferri sesquichlorati)

Hi Keith,

Certainly you could go with a CIS system and use cheaper 3rd party inks.  A lot of people do that.  Just be sure you can get a film substrate/Ink combination that are compatible... inks like some substrates better than other.  There should be a means of testing this...I think the ink manufacturers would probably be willing to print a sample file on your choice of substrate so you would have a sample to review.

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Mark Nelson

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In a message dated 10/25/06 3:19:10 PM, Keith@GumPhoto.com writes:

I've been out of the inkjet circuit for years.  I have no need for archival inks.  For that matter, I have no need for even GOOD ink.  Other than rendering a printer useless for anything else, is there any reason I couldn't get one of those continuous-feed systems and dump in India ink or Sumi ink or something else?  I'm serious.  I just want to print cheap ink onto cheap paper for the purpose of making cheap gum prints.  The negative doesn't have to last more than a day or so.  In fact, I'd prefer if it didn't last!  Are there any cheap maverick-consistent alternatives that you can think of employing?