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Re: Date on a print

Hey Steve,

On the back of the print I include both edition and print information.

For the edition, in addition to the number of prints ("...limited to 20 
prints each in two sizes.") I include the Capture Date and Print Date. 
Personally, I don't think anyone needs to know more than the year of 
production; months and days seem a bit overkill. I used to call it 
"Negative Date" but that hardly seems accurate when one is not creating 
negs in the camera.

For what it's worth, some curators want and appreciate info about the 
paper and medium itself, even including the type of inks for 
contemporary inkjet prints. They claim this can help them with 
conservation decisions years down the road.

Hope this helps,


steve.muc@t-online.de wrote on 10/25/06, 4:42 AM:

 > The day when I shot the picture or the day of printing (e.g. picture
 > was taken
 > 11/11/2005 but the edition has been printed a year later in a period
 > of 2 month)?


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