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The last thing I would want to see is you eat crow.... and just think how the crow would feel!

I really have no need to convince you that you should do curve nor to convince you to change your working method.  Curves with gum are differnent from curves with a process like PT/PD.  I always tell people that if what you do works well for you , why change.  I don't try to convince people doing in camera negatives to use digital negatives either.  Though I joke about belt sanding gum prints, I do have a great appreciation for them and I do understand that gum is somewhat different than the other processes—I appreciate the mechanical aspect of development, the layering of coats to achieve your vision AND the fact that this can be a lot of fun. 

So, PLEASE don't feel obligated to curve anything on my account.

Have a happy un-curved day!

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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In a message dated 10/27/06 12:45:42 PM, kthayer@pacifier.com writes:

The currently ascendant ideology, the curves ideology, may be as 
wonderful as it's been touted, and I'll be the first to eat crow if 
someone can prove that to me, or I can prove it to myself, but so 
far, I'm not impressed.  And to those who would scoff that this is no 
ideology, that there's no special currency enjoyed by the curves 
ideology at the present time, I'd ask why else would Keith and I, who 
have been perfectly happy with our gum printing methods and results, 
feel that we are required to at least try it out? I've been hooted at 
mercilessly here for not jumping on the bandwagon, and after a while, 
one does start to feel the pressure.