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Here is my rather late answer to Steve Lichtweg's question about dating prints.  My system is similar to that of Joe Sarff  I adapted it from Ansel Adams' print identification label in his book "The Print" page 156.  Ansel's stamp had his name and address at the top and spaces for title and dates of negative and print.

The label that I print out from a computer file has three parts.  The top has the type of print (i.e.: "Toned Cyanotype," "Van Dyke Print," "Cyanotype-Gum Cliche Verre") and my name.  The middle has the title, date of negative, date of print.  (Dates are sometimes month and year and sometimes just year.)  The bottom has studio name, address, phone number.  Since this is in the computer I can retype the information that changes and print out the label with all the information for any given print.  I use drymounting tissue to attach the label to the back of the mat.  

Suzanne Izzo