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Re: gum "curves"

Well, Katherine, I wish you had just told me I was blacklisted so I
wouldn't have wasted my time responding (productively, let the record
show) to your comments in this gum curve discussion.

One last thing and I'm done with this topic, since it seems futile for me
to continue.

> Well, I won't name the names of the people who have said this, but I
> think you might be surprised to find who you're saying this about.
> You can find them in the archives, if you care to look, and I'll
> leave your comment to stand on its own.

It doesn't really matter who said what; I really don't even want to know. 
My point still stands that when used correctly, PDN is 100% predictable.

Like Sandy said: if you control the process, a correctly curved negative
doesn't fail...usually.  :)

Camden Hardy