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Re: Banding on Pictorico with Epson 2200

I am surprised that so many persons appear to be contending for the title of crappy gumprinter.

However, two points. First, no one who has stepped up to the plate, Keith Gerling and Joe Smmigiel specifically included, to accept the honor, was the person I referenced, and second, my reference to the anonymous photographer was not meant to refer to crappy gum work, but to crappy work with a variety of processes, including but not limited to the following: cyanotype, platinum and palladium, salted paper, carbon, POP, gum over platinum, gum over kallitype, platinum over gum, etc. Now, if anyone on this list is doing sub-par work in all of these media you can step up now to the plate for coronation.


At 2:25 PM -0500 10/30/06, Joseph Smigiel wrote:
Keith Gerling wrote:

...  *I* am the mysterious crappy gumprinter recently mentioned...

"I am Spartacus"