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Re: Charged Requisitely As Programmed

Sir Thomas Crapper, who invented the flush toilet, and is the only person whose name is the base for both a noun and a verb.


Jack Fulton wrote:
Oh gosh, oh gee, oh me oh my.
Crap . . . how does one define it? Etymologically the roots are related to giving up
due to fear. That's what I like to dwell on. Then there is the relationship to fecal
matter but that really does not say anything about one's endeavors more than it
merely disengages the accuser from anything meaningful.
So I'd say those who wish to practice classic imagery and labor to relate
themselves, through their work, with past practice and not have a strong relationship
with the craft employed to create it, is making what is the above first mentioned
meaning of the word crap if applied to artwork made through the medium of
photography. Simply put, craft should define content while content might well enjoin
or cajole one to engage a certain, or specific, craft.
But, to pejoratively place another, or another's artwork, into a lump implying it
is related to feces is not doing anyone a favor but bolstering their own importance
through the implication that they fully believe the comparison to be an equivalent.
I'd say that fear is the governor. Fear impinges upon our endeavor and stops us
short of full creativity, allowing us to remain in the passed (past) with no sight on
the future (few are sure) for to gather with proven accomplishment is enough. That
seems, for no apparent reason to bring to mind the phrase: "It is difficult to
soar with eagles when you are surrounded by turkeys"
Cheers to all
Jack Fulton