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Re: Banding on Pictorico with Epson 2200


I'm doing workshops right now in San Francisco, and will be back Nov 9th... let's get together then for one of those great breakfasts and we can talk about printers....I have some you can borrow and some you can make test negatives on to see what you think.

heheheeh no your work is far from being crap. 

Mark Nelson
Precision Digital Negatives
In a message dated 10/30/06 1:40:24 PM, Keith@GumPhoto.com writes:

Thanks for the input.  One of the most irksome memories I have from my
inkjet days is that when you just HAD to produce a negative, there was no
way you could persuade a stubborn printer to cooperate, even "a little".
Chemical methods certainly have their disadvantages, but there is never that
ON or OFF issue that one has with a printer.  This is often the case when
one compares digital and analog.  Analog fails "in degrees", ie., one can
get results that range from good to bad.  Digital, being either ON of OFF
either works, or fuhgetaboudit.