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Re: Gum & the commercial ?

Thanks, Tom...do you read German?  If so, often, that
journal contained lots of stuff on gum that was quoted in
the BJP, plus the Trifolium of Watzek, Kuhn, and Henneberg
(sp) among other famous gummists lived there.

Though I know French, and took Latin, Italian, and Japanese,
I am so ignorant on German that I thought Austrians spoke
Austrian :)

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From: Tom Sobota <tsobota@teleline.es>
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Subject: Re: Gum & the commercial ?
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 01:17:14 +0100

>Christina, it's the Wiener Photographische Blatter, a
>journal published  by the Vienna Photographic Club, in
>Austria. It was a well known and  avantgarde journal
>between the end of XIX century and the first decades  of
>the XX.
>Tom Sobota
>Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
>> chloral hydrate and glacial acetic acid were Herr
>> Watzek's formula in  the Weiner Photographische Blatter
>(whatever that might be). 

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