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RE: Uranium Nitrate (uranyl nitrate)


Spectrum Chemical sells uranyl nitrate.


They will only sell directly to you if you have a business license and if
you set up an account with them. Even then they will often try to find a
distributor near you instead--they really aren't set up to manage nuisance
artists :-)


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Subject: Uranium Nitrate (uranyl nitrate)

About once a month I get people writing to me who want to make uranotypes
(uranium prints) and
want to know where they can get uranium nitrate.  They write to me because I
have various articles published on the web on how to make uranotypes. I
would like to help these people but I honestly do not know where to get this
chemical compound.

Therefore, I appeal to the list. Do any of you have any uranium nitrate that
you would be willing to donate or sell to  me. so that I can redistribute it
to these people. Also, does anyone know of a
source of uranium nitrate?  It is in the form of yellow crystals which are
highly soluable in water.

Thanks for any help.

Bob Schramm

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