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Re: OT: corrupted .NEF files


If you have an iPod, you can download to it.

Another way is if you have a .mac account, you can find an Internet connection and store your pictures on your iDisk. Same thing is true with some servers - just upload at the end of day.

One method that worked well for me is to transfer the pictures to a "film vault", or a hard drive with memory card reader built-in. I'm using one I bought from Computer Geeks for $30 and inserted my own 40 gig hard drive. It doesn't have LCD window to show you the pictures but the price is right and I haven't lost anything yet.

Hope this helps.


On Nov 7, 2006, at 5:13 PM, Keith Gerling wrote:

Thanks, Camden, I downloaded the ufraw utility that Gordon recommended
(Thanks, Gord!) and with it was able to open several of the EOF- designated
images. At least I was able to view what was there before the bad data and
thus get an idea of which images I am missing. I've run the PC Inspector
recovery application a couple of times - each time with slightly different
results. If you have any Linux recovery utilities you think might be
helpful, drop me a line. I'm not sure its worth installing Linux, but

My Serious Photography friends heap scorn on me whenever I shoot .JPG
instead of RAW. The irony in this case is that had I done that I would have
come home with very few useful images. Which is not to say "shoot JPG", but
if you are using suspect equipment (or garbage in the case of the SmartDisk
FotoChute), you may want to give it some thought.

How do other digital photographers store images while on the road? Is there
really any other safe options other than burning CDs?