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Thanks to Jack Fulton and Hans and Chia

Greetings from beautiful San Francisco—I'm out here doing workshops and just finished a workshop with an incredibly talented group of people here—I was really impressed with the quality of their work and found them such a congenial group of people.... and who can forget Tennesee Peg Fredi, the 1 S Girl! hehehehe  Also J Scott King, Stephen Harrison (what a fantastic project he is working on), Robert MacKimmie, William Laven, Cha, Tim Wampler, Susan Casentini, Catherine Rogers (all the way from Australia), & last but not least, Ed & Holly Carey.  And thanks to a great San Francisco photographer, Richard Kettles, who assisted with the workshop.

I want to thank Jack Fulton for inviting me to speak to his class and also a group of teachers and students on digital negatives.  It was a great group of people to interact with and I am very impressed with the program at San Francisco Art Institute.  Jack is also creating some great opportunities there with a partnership he has worked very hard to develop with Epson America—what a great deal...but I'll let him speak about that.

Also, while here in San Francisco, I had the chance to have dinner with Jack and also Hans & Chia from this list.  They brought their beautiful tri color gum and tri color carbon prints all the way from Sweden.  Hans & Chia are delightful to talk to and they are both excellent photographers and master printers.  I was also fascinated with some of the work they are doing in conservation and making prints for museums...they should talk about this important work on the list!

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson
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