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RE: OT: corrupted .NEF files

Hey Keith,

Here's wishing you the best with your file recovery.

About storing images while on the road. As Camden said, redundancy is a 
very comforting thing. If you don't want to schlep a laptop around, then 
you need to think of another way to achieve that level of safety. Two of 
the "digital wallets" might be one way to go.

Though I travel with a laptop, I often opt to leave it at the hotel (or 
wherever I'm staying) during the day shooting time. With one set of 
images on the laptop and one on a portable media reader in the camera 
bag, I'm covered whether I get mugged on the streets or if the laptop 
gets stolen at hotel.

The good news is that Compact Flash is getting so cheap that soon we'll 
only have to have ONE backup as we'll be able to keep the images on card 
until our return home. The local Fry's has had good 4GB cards on sale as 
low as $49 so you can see where that's going.

Hope this helps!


Keith Gerling wrote on 11/7/06, 4:13 PM:

 > How do other digital photographers store images while on the road?  Is
 > there
 > really any other safe options other than burning CDs?