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Pictorico, CopyJet and the re-branding game

(cross posted from the hybridphoto.com forum)

Hi all,

Recently I have found some more high density inkjet films, all with the somewhat 'milky' base as pictorico and copyjet. Here are the new ones:

Tepede High Density ClearFilm

Tepede is a Dutch company with representations in nine EU countries.
These HD Clearfilm samples were allready pre-printed so I could not test them very well. But I printed a stepwedge on the unprinted sides, that looks promising. Very pictorico-ish . I will try to get in contact with Tepede again for samples and product information. I don't know if Tepede has it's own coating facility and I have no clues about were and by whom this material is produced.

Perfect-Proof High-Density Ink Jet Film 180G

Perfect Proof is a BE and US based company
I obtained two 13x19 sheets of this HD inkJet film 180G through a NL dealer (www.qualitygraphics.nl) and also got in contact with Perfect Proof Sales department who were very responsive and kindly answered many of my questions.

I tried the samples and got very good results. Overall density is higher than Agfa CopyJet and at least the same as Pictorico. The coating is very smooth and there is no ink smearing. I have to do more testing with these samples but it looks definitely better then CopyJet for my use.
Good point might also be the availability as the company is BE and US based. Minimum size for sheets is 13x19 (A3+) and they have rolls from 43 cm and up. Prices are in the same range as other brands. A box of 100 sheets 13x19 costs 208 euro and a 43cm x 30m roll is 129 euro (ex. VAT).

And there also is Colorgate Screenfilm.

This RIP software maker also sells a film, called screenfilm and is offering free sample rolls of it. I mentioned this on this list in October but I never received the sample roll and I am wondering if anybody else did receive it. If I have something to test I'll report about it.

Big question about all this rather similar materials: were do they come from? At least we know there are two firms coating ceramic or similar micro porous coatings themselves if I am correct. Pictorico (in Japan or China?) and Agfa (made in Belgium says the box) We allready know that Asahi/Pictorico is coating for Chromaline (Accuart2) but what about the others?

On the Asahi (asahi/pictorico) site I found this business strategy in a pdf:

"Business Strategies of Organic/Inorganic Specialty:
-Inkjet printing paper “Pictorico”: Penetrate color proof market and commence sales through mass merchandisers and internet in addition to OEM sales."

This might explain the recent boom in products in the colorproof/ silkscreen market? Tell me if I'm wrong.