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Re: O.T. message regarding 612 negative carrier

On Thursday 09 November 2006 23:52, Susan Huber wrote:
> Hello List,
> Is there a dealer or; some way one can acquire a 612 negative carrier for
> an very old Beseler 4 by 5 enlarger. (120 film with 6 by 12 cm size). I
> tried contacting a large firm in New York to no avail.

	Do you mean you want one made? Beseler never made one to the best of my 
knowledge. Doesn't your enlarger use the still standard Beseler 4x5 type 
carriers? Mine is 34 years old and it still uses current holders.

	Have you considered masking a 4x5 glass holder? Ruby lith? Or something 

	I guess you could get anybody to cut open a smaller carrier. But you could 


	I'm sure they could fab something up for you.