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RE: Mike Ware's POP Pt./Pd. Pt

I see. Happy for you! (Can you plase share these with us - if you can)

Maybe you can try to dilute the coating solution with distilled water so
that the volume is 25% higher - if it works without adverse effect on
tonality and dmax you'll save precious metal ;) Another option is using a
coating method Jeffrey Mathias describes as "quasi multiple coating". (You
dilute the coating solution with water so that volume is 2x, use the half to
coat the paper, as soon as surface shine is gone you use the remaining half
to coat the paper the second time)

Best regards,

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It appears that the white, irregular spots I described earlier resulted from
using too little of the sensitizing solution. With this method the paper
seems to need about 20-25% more solution than with DOP Pt./Pd.

In any event I increased the amount of solution for the coating area, and
added a few drops of a surfactant, and today made four very nice 12X17" 
prints with the Ware POP method, with no irregular spots. I am very pleased
with the good Dmax I am getting with this method at RH of about 55%, and the
color of the prints is a nice warm sepia, not unlike what you get with warm
potassium oxalate in DOP.

Sandy King

At 8:35 AM +0200 11/10/06, Loris Medici wrote:
>Hi Sandy,
>What is your coating / drying procedure?