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RE: Mike Ware's POP Pt./Pd. Pt

The colour shift in DOP by Na2 (Pt6 is my homemade expression for it) must
be very small? I have never noticed it. I never work towards an exactly
predictable result. I always try to work on what a negative can give me.
Maybe that is why.

Dichromate causes a colour change in POP/palladium-only! It makes the print
neutral in tone!



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Van: Sandy King [mailto:sanking@clemson.edu] 
Verzonden: zaterdag 11 november 2006 14:38
Aan: alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca
Onderwerp: RE: Mike Ware's POP Pt./Pd. Pt

I know what Na2 is and have used it as a contrast agent. I just did 
not know that it was called Platinum 6. Several people I know have 
adopted this method of contrast control and it does have some 
advantages. However, I have continued to use dichromate for straight 
palladium work because the use of Na2 causes a shift in color, i.e. 
the more you add the more neutral the color becomes, whereas with 
dichromate you get the same color over a wide contrast range. At 
least that is my experience. I believe you suggested in an earlier 
message that the use of dichromates causes a change in color, but I 
sure have not found that to be the case with pure palladium.


At 11:46 AM +0100 11/11/06, Witho Worms wrote:
>See the Bostick&Sullivan site: Na2- A New Contrast Agent - An interesting
>salt of platinum allows for wide ranging contrast control in the
>platinum/palladium process. Great news for all platinum printers, read
>(http://www.bostick-sullivan.com/techart.php) You will there find some
>interesting information on POP too.
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>Van: Sandy King [mailto:sanking@clemson.edu]
>Verzonden: zaterdag 11 november 2006 1:39
>Aan: alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca
>Onderwerp: RE: Mike Ware's POP Pt./Pd. Pt
>What is Platinum 6?
>At 6:14 PM +0100 11/10/06, Witho Worms wrote:
>>I would recommend using Platinum 6 as a contrast agent for DOP. I can work
>>very well. Dichromate is very effective in POP but affects printing
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