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RE: Mike Ware's POP Pt./Pd. Pt

Ok... It was confusing yes :)

BTW, give it a try anyway (letting the paper sit for a few minutes in the
coating station)... Maybe AFO does not penetrate the paper fibers as much as
FO does? This printing system is new to you - I won't be surprised if you'd
need to do some changes in your printing procedures. 2ml per 8x10 is what I
use too -> therefore I feel the need of increasing the coating solution
amnt. by 20% could be wasting precious metal - maybe the coating solution is
not penetrating the paper fibers enough and what you do is simply washing it
down the drain when clearing the print...

Best regards,

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I leave the paper emulsion side up, not down. I used face to mean the back,
which could be confusing I see.

The purpose of blowing air right after coating is to dry the sensitizer as
quickly as possible and keeping it from penetrating too deeply into the
fibers of the paper. This has always worked well for me with kallitype and
DOP Pt./Pd and is fairly common practice among Pt./Pd. printers I know.


At 10:43 AM +0200 11/11/06, Loris Medici wrote:
>I don't think leaving the paper face down and/of blowing air right 
>after coating (w/o waiting) is a good idea.
>Best regards,