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Drying method for POP Palladium

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Quoting Mike Ware

Drying Sensitized Paper

Immediately after coating, the paper should be kept horizontal for a few minutes until the liquid is sufficiently absorbed for the surface to become non-reflective. The sheet may then be hung up to dry in the dark for at least an hour before use. Alternatively some heat may be used - a stream of warm air at 40 C for 10 minutes is adequate - but it should be noted that this treatment can influence the print colour, especially in the palladiotype process, and may cause unevenness.

Almost the same paragraph is repeated in

(This is the article
"The Platino-Palladiotype Process", section "Drying"...)
Quoting Dick Sullivan
(accessed from: http://www.bostick-sullivan.com/techart.php)

One Step Drying

Let the print sit for two or three minutes. Using a hair drier with a cold air setting, blow dry till the surface of the paper is just dry...


Two Step Drying and Humidification

...First coat with a brush or glass rod and let sit for a few minutes as in the One Step method....

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