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Oops! It seems that I missed the other topic :)

Well, I was very busy on recent months (because of the Biennial) and
this project was waiting me for further testing. When I took the test
prints from the drawer they were resting (to show them to Mike Ware - he
was here in Istanbul a couple of weeks ago) I noticed that some of the
Cy-Rex test print were showing mold-growth! The other prints (Classic,
New) which were stored exactly in the same location with the Cy-Rex
prints didn't show this mold growth - I should also add that I had never
experienced anything like this in my whole Cyanotype printing adventure.
This was the last point for me; I immediately dropped the idea of
further testing Cy-Rex... (I already wasn't liking what I got before.)
Frankly, I don't want to loose more time with this nonsense - I feel
this even stronger now, after participating Keith's gum and Sandy's
carbon workshops. I just want to do beatiful gums and carbons and plan
to dedicate all my spare time to these - at least for a couple of

In short, Cy-Rex is a no-no to me. I don't want to deal with it right
now (probably in the future too)... Anyway, I may change my mind later
and continue to the tests and present the findings (with scans) in a
formal way but I just don't want to loose my
already-little-time-which-can-be-devoted-to-photography with this...
err... stuff.

Best regards,

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And now for something completely different. I was wondering these days
if you had any results with cyanotype rex.