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Re: Unhardened Size and Curve Building

(you can read about my sizing process in my alt manual :)) I tried not hardening and it was a disaster--I got a nice square of hardened gum/pigment because the am di also hardened the nice soft, juicy gelatin layer. This was with 250 bloom gelatin, no less--one of the things I believed that Terry King told me to do.

I've done step wedges on unsized paper, which fab artistico can do pretty well, but that will skew your data unless you are going to not size in general when you go to print. You'll get a less contrasty step wedge and your curve will be too contrasty when it comes time to print.

So bottom line--if you are sizing, do sized step wedges. If you are not sizing, use unsized step wedges, and your data will not be skewed.

Another thing it might be profitable for you to try is to use just gum/am di/no pigment, get an idea of how dichromate by itself "curves", and then compare that to pigment added. It is a fascinating exercise. This said by a woman who has literally calibrated 50 different colors/times/coating mixes curves.

Have fun--it's way addictive and, in my opinion, will teach you lots about the gum process in ways you didn't dream of.

Tell me, now that Loris has caught the gum bug, are we turning another one of us into a "gum crank"? I personally like the term I came across in the BJP--"bichromaniac".

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So. I've decided to size. But for the purpose of just creating curve data on
stepwedges -- what do people do who use (gelatin) size? Bother or not bother
with hardening? Does hardening have a significant effect on contrast, dmax
etc.? Or is it basically just there to stop critters? Thx.