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Re: Hand Coloring inkjet/hand coloring PT/PD

Thanks Dan—this  is for an old friend of mine from my other life with the mental health clinic (as director, not a patient) who would like to try it.

However, I have had somewhat an urge to try this with Palladium on a limited basis—anyone suggest what works well with PT/PD on Cot 320?  I have watercolors here and watercolor pencils—would oils be any better?  I have more options than talent at this point.

By the way, speaking of hand coloring, I was in Palo Alto and saw the work of Brigitte Carnochan, who has a book out of her work and is represented by 21st—what beautiful hand coloring!  Much more deep, rich colors than I have seen before.  Excellent images too.


In a message dated 11/15/06 12:38:24 PM, fdanb@aol.com writes:

Hey Mark,

Do you want a semi gloss/luster surface that resembles an air–dried F-surface silver print or would a matte surface be more to your liking?

If the former, you might try Crane Silver Rag. It has a beautiful surface with no surface bronzing with the K3 inks. How it will take hand–applied colors is anyone's guess.

Good luck with your project!


Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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