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Thanks for the tips, Jack!

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Dan is right . . the Silver Rag has a lovely surface. I've just gone through 500 large sheets of it and at Dan's suggestion went to my 1920's Kodak 

Velox transparent water color stamps, which are water colors on tearable sheets of paper. I use drugstore 70% isopropyl alcohol with this so it will dry quicker. Using water wets the emulsion too much and it dries slower.Even if you use a hair dryer to speed drying it can sometimes leave an obvious flat spot. So, I tried applying color to Silver Rag edge of a print and it goes on nicely. 

Another tip is to take your empty cartridges and drain them into a bottle w/an eye dropper, which are sometimes available in the pharmacy of a good drug store for about $1 each. They do go into the paper but, surprisingly, not quite as easy as the water colors.


Jack Fulton

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