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RE: Idle Curiosity [was RE: NA2 with AFO

Thanks to Eric and Marek for the info.... and to Jeremy -- ahem -- was that a deliberate tease or just autopilot? In any event, this does show why so much tech writing is, let's say, insufficient, as I've found even in books aimed at the general public. It's in the "expert's" head, so he (usually "he," sorry about that) doesn't realize it isn't on the page.

Not that I have any intention of using Na2, ever, but then I never had any *intention* of, by actual count, 48.9% of the things I've gone & done...


On Wed, 15 Nov 2006, EJN Photo wrote:

Judy, It is like many other things in the PT/PD printing of the last few
years, a term coined by those buying and using B&S chemistry. It is short

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On Sun, 12 Nov 2006, Jeremy Moore wrote:

"Na2" is Sodium Chloroplatinate and "dichromate" is ammonium
potassium dichromate--2 completely different chemicals.

What piqued my curiosity, Jeremy, was that to the layperson
(and even a
chem grad I consulted) Na2 means 2 molecules sodium, or like
that.  Is
that some kind of shorthand used by platinum printers?