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Re: Podcast, anyone...? (was Re: alt video)

On Sat, 18 Nov 2006, trevor cunningham wrote:

LOL!  I'm currently working a Master's in Ed Tech and
we would like to think of it as evolution.

--- Judy Seigel <jseigel@panix.com> wrote:
Do I understand correctly that a teacher (wherever)
is pod casting his
lecture/demo & releasing it?  Might that not put the
schools out of
Needless to say I'm delighted to increase the sum total of human merriment, but perhaps I misunderstand you:

My take on the original e-mail was that a "professor" or educator of some stripe, paid by some institute of education, which charges students substantial sums to attend his/her classes, proposes to disseminate the material paid for by the school free to the world at large. Or, alternatively, for some level of payment for personal profit.