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Re: Podcast, anyone...? (was Re: alt video)

If one has iTunes, that's really the best way to listen in on the class, as the images being discussed appear in the bottom left image window (they change with the lecture). 
I'm not sure what all the fuss is about it being free; podcast listeners cannot receive any sort of credit for the course and isn't that why one attends college anyway :) ? 


On 19-Nov-06, at 10:22 AM, graeme.lyall wrote:

Pretty easy to find with the clues given ... http://www.cod.edu/photo/curto/1105/index.htm

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...and the link...(drumroll, please)...

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Here is a link to his college
website, follow the
link through History of Photo to get to the
I think most of you will enjoy them.

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