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Re: air compressor


A diaphragm compressor (no oil involved with a diaphragm compressor) would server you well, perhaps coupled with a storage tank. You would probably want to add a moisture trap, but a diaphragm compressor will spare you the hardships that a compressor with an oil sump might bring your way. FWIW, for some compressed air systems vaporized oil is considered a "plus" as it provides additional lubrication to the tools that are using the compressed air as an energy source. But, vaporized oil would obviously not be a plus if you plan on pointing the nozzle at the end of your "air hose" at a photographic negative or a print.


-greg schmitz <gws1@columbia.edu>

On Sun, 19 Nov 2006, Ryuji Suzuki wrote:

I think most people here do the same kind of things, but I use
a lot of canned air to blowing dusts on scanners, enlargers,
negatives, camera under repair, etc. and wondering if there's
a simple and inexpensive alternative. What's the smallest and
cheapest air compressor that can be used for this type of