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Specific numbers may not mean much because of the price difference of materials in Barbados. So a rough guide might be to calculate the cost of item involved in the process and double or triple that. That's for the first print. Additional prints from the same negative at the same printing session are typically discounted.  Same negative different printing session back to the original price. For instance if Ferric Oxalate powder costs $45.00 USD per 100 gr which makes 371 ml solution. The cost per ml is 12 cents. There are approximately 22 drops per ml so using a brush for coating and 24 drops of FeOx for an 8x10 the cost is about 13 cents. Do that for the Pt and Pd solutions developer, clearing baths and paper. Remember to x2 or x3 your cost.
I figured $6 to $8 material costs per 8x10 depending upon paper and before Pt went to $1,200 oz. I then doubled this number and added in labor costs. Final price was about $80 to $110 per 8x10 for the first print.
Your mileage will very,
John Roseborough
Platinum Printer
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Subject: PRICE?


            Please help me with a price of PT/PD prints.  Letís assume the following:

1)       You are willing to make PT/PD prints from other peopleís negatives.

2)       They will supply you with an 8X10 neg suitable (density range, etc.) for PT/PD printing.

3)       They want the print on 11X14 100% cotton paper like Platinotype, Platine, or COT. 

How much would you charge them to make the print for them, including minimal spotting.  I am trying to

establish an average price for such prints. 

            Thanks in advance for your help.




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