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I was a little surprised you didn't get more feedback about the brush so here is my two cents. Kerik turned me on to this brush over a year ago and I've never used another brush since. I've purchased multiple brushes to use with different processes: albumen, cyanotype, platinum, VDB.
The beauty of this brush is three-fold:
1. It does NOT abrade the surface of your paper, even with vigorous brushing. This allows you to work the chemistry into the paper if that is your desire.
2. Puts down a very even coating of chemistry. I'm not sure I totally understand the science, but the brush seems to load well and allow you to coat lightly or heavily depending on your hand pressure. NO brush marks are visible if you work your chemistry in from multiple directions.
3. Doesn't soak up your chemistry. I have an old table showing the number of drops of chemistry for pt/pd prints by size using a glass rod -- which is said to be the most conservative use of chemistry. I use this chart with the magic brush. Other brushes I've used will sometimes soak up a significant amt of chemistry.
I use distilled water to soften the brush before using and hang them to dry.
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Thanks to Judy and Kerik for the information on metal ferrules and the Richeson brush.  I went ahead and ordered one.  May this be the answer to all my coating problems... .
Rita B