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Re: Density Base OHP and Stouffer

Hi Sandy,

I just measured my 31 step tablet and Pictorico OHP film with the X-Rite in UV mode and got:

Step # 1 of 31 Step measured .06
Pictorico OHP FIlm measured .10

I'm not sure about the differences.... perhaps one or both machines needs calibration.  I did zero the machine before taking readings.

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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In a message dated 11/24/06 9:22:03 AM, sanking@clemson.edu writes:

My measurement with a densitometer in UV mode gives the following.

Stouffer 21-step tablet, Step 1 = 0.10
Stouffer 31-step tablet, Step 1 = 0.10
Pictorico base, 0.18
Crystal Clear (PhotoWarehouse) base, 0.06

Sandy King