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PYROCAT-MC GLYCOL: Alternative Process Film Development

I noticed that Sandy King is offering his new formula(s) of both Pyrocat-MC Glycol and Pyrocat-HD Glycol through Photographers' Formulary. I am interested in the stain/tanning benefits for printing alternative processes and silver gelatin use with sheet film.

What are the primary differences between the two formulas? Speed; Stain; Expansion/Contraction Development; Sharpness; Capacity; Etc? When would one formula have preference over the other developer variant or are each very similar?

I find the organic solvent approach very intriguing and practical for consideration. I primarily work with HP5 Plus; Bergger BPF 200; Acros; films. Most frequently use the Farber's shared, Pyro- triethanolamine formula.

Thank you,