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Re: Liquid Emulsion - Air Bubbles

On Wed, 29 Nov 2006, Ritab19106@aol.com wrote:

Thanks, Judy.  You are a treasure, as always.  If you can't find  the Kreme
anti-foam solution, would you be able to point me in the right  direction for
purchasing it?  I did a quick google search but didn't turn  up any sources.

Hi Rita -- It's KREMER. But I actually found it right away in the closet... and THEN I remembered it's in Post-Factory #9, page 49. The bottle says 78600 Defoamer, "Use dropwise in waterbased paints to reduce foaming." I used 1 drop for a liter of gelatin, which was plenty, but haven't a clue what it would take for emulsion, or even if it would work. But give me your address offlist & I'll send you a tiny amount to try. (At 2 drops per sizing session, it lasts.) The Sources & Services section of the same P-F lists www.kremer-pigmente.com, e-mail kremerinc.@aol, tho that was 2004. Anyway, why buy a whole bottle if you can't use it?

(You could also come to their shop on Elizabeth Street, where I bought mine, assuming it hasn't become a poetry bar or a condominium in the meantime.)