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Re: long shutter release cable

For what you're planning I would try a long haul truck garage; maybe a shop
that services either lawnmowers or farm implements or possibly an auto
wrecker. You're looking for a "throttle" or "choke" cable. Maybe a good bike
shop could fabricate one to your size requirements too. 5m might be
stretching it. Does it have to be hand triggered or could it be a timer? I
know there are mechanical wind up shutter release timers for sale on ebay.

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From: "Ryuji Suzuki" <rs@silvergrain.org>
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Sent: Thursday, November 30, 2006 3:02 PM
Subject: long shutter release cable

> I know this has nothing to do with alt, but so is everything
> else I post anyway, so why not?
> I'm looking for a long (3 to 5m) mechanical shutter release
> cable and bought an air release cable just to confirm it
> doesn't work. It does not have enough strength to depress the
> shutter buttons of my cameras. Changing camera is not an
> option for this project (Indeed, all but a few of my cameras
> have very heavy shutter release button). Does anyone know a
> good alternative to this air release cable but with more
> strength? Do I need to make one myself from bicycle brake
> wire?
> Thanks
> Ryuji