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Re: offtopic - photoshop problem?

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You do not say how much RAM she has installed? and you do not say whether or no the system slows down, BUT it would seem to me that a single scratch drive is insufficient when using Photoshop.

The solution is to purchase and install a huge additional drive - let's say 250Gb for starters, and set Photoshop to use that as it's primary scratch drive.

If your using less than 3Gb RAM you will not be getting the best from Photoshop.


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Subject: offtopic - photoshop problem?

A somewhat off topic question ...

I'm helping someone with their  computer,  windows XP.  She uses
photoshop to process lots of images

Her hard drive consumes 100 s of MB of disk space in a short time - a
few hours.  Nothing is downloaded or installed but the disk usage
increases significantly.

One of the suspects is photoshops  scratch drive temporary files.  Does
anyone have similar experience with photoshop?
I'm not a photoshop expert - is it possible to indentify the temporary
files photoshop produces?  If photoshop misbehaves can it leave large
volumes of files on a system?
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