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Re: venetian blinds, Epson 1280

Hi Susan,

Keep in mind that increasing resolution may change your exposure times (screen and/or image), with polymer plates at any rate.  My experience with poly plates has been that increasing rez, increases contrast for some reason. Good luck with the microbanding...  Let us know if the head alignment on pictorico helps...


Ender100@aol.com wrote:
Hi Susan,

Use the highest resolution you can—sometimes that solves the problem.  Also, Don's suggestion of doing the head allignment on Pictorico is a good one...or whatever substrate you are using.

Good luck!

In a message dated 3/2/07 9:59:57 PM, susanvoss3@gmail.com writes:

Hi Mark,

My settings have been: glossy photo paper, and 2880 dpi (it'll print
at 5760... I'll try that).  High speed is OFF, and I did get the
latest driver about a month ago.

I'll try your suggestions about different resolutions, etc...

I've really got to get this thing working well... I just ordered PDN
yesterday, so next week I want to be turning out some seriously good
neg... positives. :o)


Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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