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RE: venetian blinds, Epson 1280 and other printers

Thanks Mark. Seems like there is no free lunch with ink jet printers, we are always chasing one problem or another. I wonder if a RIP could solve some of the ink density problems. I think Clay Harmon is working with IJC/OPM and the 7800. Could a RIP be used with PDN ?

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Hi DOn,
Yes—the results are similar to the R2400/3800, except, like all large format printers (in my experience) the media choices and dither pattern combined seem to lay down less ink than the desktop printers that use the same inksets.

In general, the large format printers can be more problematic loading clear film than the desktop models—it's just a matter of findiing which loading method works the best, but at times it can be very frustrating!

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Mark Nelson

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Does anyone have nay experience making digital negatives for alt processes with the Epson 7800 or 9800?




Don Bryant

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