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I understand your issue and I feel your pain.  Most people aren't printing on coatings that are as thick as a pizza though hehehehehe

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Laying down more ink on Pictorico may be an option for many people, but it is not for me. My primary printing process is carbon, and I make a very thick tissue (to get maximum relief) that requires very long exposures. For example, an exposure for palladium that would require about 90-120 units/seconds on my AmergGraph ULF-28 requires about 500 units/seconds with carbon. That length exposure creates too much heat, so I expose carbon only with the BL bank, which is about a stop slower, leaving me with an exposure time of about 1000 units/seconds with the Ultrafine substrate. In principle the difference in UV blocking is only about 1/3 stop between regular Pictorico and Ultrafine, but in practice, because of self-masking, the difference is much greater, more than a stop in fact. So an exposure with the Ultrafine substrate that takes 1000 units/seconds will take more than 2000 units/seconds with Pictorico.

And the problem of course is that you can not lay down more ink on the Ultrafine material because drying is very slow and you would get pizza wheel marks.


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