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Re: gravure plates under vacuum

It looks great Susan! I'll have to try that approach and hope others do as well. Anything that simplifies the steps required and keeps baby powder out of the vacuum frame sounds good to me. I was going to burn a plate today to see how the various spray mediums on the OHP worked to help mitigate the bubbles without introducing blotches. Maybe I'll save myself the expense and trouble...

The next step might be for you to try larger plates to make sure the contact remains uniform and the bubbles don't return. Larger plates tend to have more contact issues due to their greater surface area.

One of the advantages of a finer screen is a greater array of apparent grey tones. That, in conjunction with a suitable curve, and a good transparency can result in dynamite photo-quality. But one step at a time.

Congratulations on your success!


SusanV wrote:
Hey Jon... yes you got it correct. Nothin touched the positive. only
vacuum pressure held it to the plate. I just posted a scan of the
print to my blog. I'm thrilled with the sharpness and detail. I
think for my work, this is going to work out great.

Now if I can just find some more midtones :o) This particular print
IS dark and without a lot of greys though, so it's not the best test
for that. I have to spend some time next with my printer and get rid
of those horizontal lines. It doesn't always do it though, so I think
I just have to methodically find the right combination of resolution,
etc. Also going to run the alignment thing on the pictorico, etc.

and yes... I'm a closet engineer for sure. and carpenter. and electrician.


updated today... www.susanvossgravures.blogspot.com