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Re: venetian blinds, Epson 1280 and other printers


I agree.  It's also interesting when you figure that all those folks out there using Epson printers to make prints have this same anomoly in the shadows of their prints..... however, I guess it is so deep in the shadows they don't see it, but we see it with digital negatives in the highlights.

Oddly enough, with the R2400, while the issue is there, when I make a curve, negative, and print it, it is not apparent in the final prints.

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In a message dated 3/4/07 6:51:57 AM, wcharmon@wt.net writes:

I realize that it isn't the PDN system that is doing this, it is the Epson driver. It is weird, especially since you cannot visually see that this is occuring. My only point is that it makes using the PDN approach a little more complicated for this printer. Strange stuff.

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