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Re: A question of using other peoples' photos

Well said, John.... I'm trying to think of the exact quote now, from Picasso. He is at least SAID to have said, geniuses steal. Hacks are influenced. (Or like that.)

It's often said, that there are no new ideas anyway. Or, one might argue, if they were any good, they'd have been used already. Most "ideas," good or bad, are revisions or retreads -- and enough are floating around to pollute the atmosphere already. What counts is the treatment. Not to mention that "art" has many voices, including camp, irony, parody & satire, the latter being exactly "fair use," and not indictible for plagiarism or copyright infringement. That's "freedom of expression," at least in this country. (Apparently different in England....)

And if they couldn't ape, imitate, parody or do a gloss on other TV, let alone art in general, what would they do for late night TV? (As I understand it anyway, I've never seen any.)

The insane are the only entirely "self-taught" artists I know of, and some of them also relate to other art.


I think it one thing if you borrow  ideas and techniques  to teach yourself
and another if you profess it to be your own  original work with the plan on
profiting from it..... The difference is huge.
       It  has been said each generation of artists is just the previous
generations art work with a few  new twists....  Many photographers and
graphic artists I have known  keep a large  " Morgue file" or a body of
ideas in which they can
draw on  for inspiration and ideas with the hopes of creating their own in a
similar fashion with the idea of putting   their  own spin on it .