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Re: Rough Early Mid-Tones and Highlights

I was doing a bunch of these side by side test strip
thingies with different dilutions of A and B and water and
such, and inadvertently found that when I used too much
solution I got that mottling/grainy result. Check and see if
the ones that are mottling have solution "blooms" (a
watercolor technique term) on the edges of the coated area
where the solution is pooling and blooming back into the
area.  Or just try and use as minimal solution as you can
and see if it improves. That discovery made me change my
coating technique, because before that I geared my coating
to using the most solution possible, expecting to have
deeper blues that way (following the double coating theory).

I discussed this issue a year ago on the list so maybe check
back then, last January-February--I also had the white speck
issue, too. The students' prints were totally speckled, and
part of that was due to Tween use, which I did not teach
this semester. But that is another topic.

The mottling is a real problem when doing nice flesh tones
with gum over cyanotype--the person looks like they have
leprosy. Silly me--I thought I couuld continue adding gum
layers to cover up the mottle but it doesn't work very well.

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Subject: Rough Early Mid-Tones and Highlights
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>Can someone give me an explanation of why highlights and
>early mid-tones in my cyanos (and other iron processes for
>that matter) are not as smooth as the later mid-tones and
>shadows. It's not my negative, they're also rough on my
>stouffer wedge too. 20, 30, 40 per cent are consistently
>mottled and rough while 50 per cent onward are nice and
>smooth. I'm using 50:50 A 20%:B 10%. Thx.

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