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Re: Cutting polymer plates


I've been cutting my plates with a paper cutter, and have encountered the
same bending issue.  My workaround has been to take the piece that bent, and
chop the edge off.  You need to bring the blade down hard and fast (make
sure your fingers are out of the way) or the plate will just fold down.

You lose a little bit of your plate this way (1/8-1/4 inch), but it works
pretty well.

Camden Hardy


On 3/12/07 6:53 AM, "SusanV" <susanvoss3@gmail.com> wrote:

> Jon, Keith, Chris and all,
> I need help cutting these plates.  I bought a supposedly heavy duty
> paper cutter, but it bends the edge of the plate (the edge of the
> piece that falls off the bed of the cutter).  It also doesn't cut the
> plates very easily.  It was what was available locally at Staples, and
> "only" cost $65.  I know that's not much as these blasted things go.
> Do your cutters slice through the plates easily?  Do they bend the plates?
> Do I need to return this cutter and get a better one?
> help
> Susan