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RE: Cutting polymer plates

> Question:  How particular are people about keeping their plates in the 
> dark when handling/cutting?  My newest batch I've been a little picky 
> about in terms of keeping them out of the light sort of as a test.  The 
> results so far have been greater plate tone, presumably due to their 
> "fresher" state and greater sensitivity.  Used to be, I'd cut them in 
> all conditions short of being in full direct sunlight -- ambient or 
> reflected light was OK.  Now I'm not so sure that was a good idea.  
> David Hoptman would recommend only cutting plates in a dark room under 
> safe lights.  Seems like a reasonable precaution to take.  What do 
> others do/think?

I think you're on to something, Jon.  I've been cutting my plates under
fluorescent lights, which I recently discovered significantly fog my pt/pd
prints in a matter of 1-2 minutes.  Since km73 is faster under UVBL than
pt/pd, I wouldn't be surprised if my plates have been "fogging" too.  That
may account for my utter lack of plate tone...  :)

Camden Hardy